A story.
ONE shot
of heart.

Huipil bleu du Guetemala utilisé par Marimba Couture

Marimba Couture is the fruit of an encounter rooted in French culture and revealed in Guatemalan tradition. A fusion between French minimalist classism and the brightly-colored ancestral art of the land known as “eternal spring”.


Art as

For 10 years, Magali and Cyril have shared a passion for the colors, traditions and culture of Guatemala.

A passion reinforced by their complementarity: Magali’s taste for art, leather goods and creation, sublimated by Cyril’s almost museographic orchestration of the collections.

singular textiles

A cultural heritage, Huipil is Guatemala’s textile heritage. Each village has its own colors and motifs, creating a unique mosaic. An identity, an ancestral artistic know-how handed down from generation to generation. Hand-woven, each piece has a unique and remarkable character.

Huipil unique du Guatemala utilisé par Marimba Couture

Each Huipil is carefully selected from our creations. Each reflects a history rich in tradition and culture.

Huipil de Marimba Couture

Huipil is also a feminine tradition that dates back to the height of the Mayan civilization. Precious, delicate craftsmanship with a strong symbolic value. An art magnified in every Marimba Couture creation. 


The rich history and quality of Huipil could not be better showcased than with Leather. A noble material par excellence, all Marimba Couture bags are made from Guatemalan leather.

Sac à main en cuir et Huipil de Marimba Couture, modèle El Nativo de couleur rouge

The signature model.
Huipil fabric. One material, Leather.
Your unique, numbered piece.

el nativo